Higrade Detailing

The HiGrade Detail

The HiGrade Detail

The full works. OCD is applied to all our packages, but this lets it run wild to explore + detail the usually unseen areas of your car to truly revitalise the ownership experience. From bumper to bumper, every inch is enhanced in order for it to feel like having a completely new car returned to you – royally pleasing the enthusiast owner looking for perfection on all levels, not just paint quality. This is a 50+ hour undertaking and includes every optional/additional service possible to protect your investment to the hilt. An initial assessment is paramount to understand your cars needs + wants before tailoring the joblist to suit.

HG Enhancement Proces

  • Vehicle specific needs located + addressed.
  • Multistage paint correction.
  • Highest calibre dual layer 5 year ceramic paint protection applied.
  • Glass polished and coating applied.
  • Trim/rubbers restored + coated.
  • Wheels off suspension detailing + coatings.
  • Comprehensive interior enhancement detail followed by full leather/upholstery/dashboard and ancillary protection.
  • Engine bay detail + coatings.
  • Toothpickery / HG final touches + MUCH more

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