Higrade Detailing

Minor Enhancement Detail

Minor Enhancement Detail

An introduction and first step in defect removal. A single stage machine polish provides light to medium improvement by removing light wash induced surface imperfections and swirls whilst restoring the gloss and shine to the paintwork it once missed. Results will depend on the vehicle and its condition.

For example a soft paint in good condition will come out great – whereas a heavily swirled hard paint will see a noticeable improvement, but deeper defects will remain.

HG Enhancement Process

  • Complete wheel and arch clean with various brushes, woolies + mitts.
  • Exterior extensively deep cleansed using the 2 bucket wash method.
  • Chemically treated to remove tar deposits and iron rich contaminants followed by clay bar treatment to remove remaining contamination and leave surfaces as smooth as glass, ready for polishing.
  • Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush, ultra soft microfibre drying towels.
  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips.
  • Delicate trim taped off or removed where possible to aid polishing.
  • Paintwork assessed under various light sources to determine its condition.
  • IPA wipe-down to remove any polishing oils and provide the best protection adhesion.
  • Machine polish with a finishing polish and pad combination to balance removing light surface imperfections and buff the paintwork. Whilst retaining ultra-slick reflections and gloss vehicle re-washed to remove polishing dust.
  • Durable T1 grade carnauba wax/sealant protection applied to paint as standard.
    (ceramic coatings available + recommended)
  • Trim, Glass, tyres/tailpipes dressed and protected.
  • Interior Valet included as part of the service.
    (deep clean/protection available)
  • Toothpickery / HG final touches.

Recommended Upgrades

Ceramic Paint Coating

Single / Dual Layer (1-5 Year Options Available)

Please Enquire For Advice

Ceramic Wheel Coating

£70.00 Wheel Faces

£140.00 Wheels Off (Incl. Callipers)

Additional Bolt Ons

Interior Deep Clean

+ Leather / Dash / Fabric Protection


Engine Bay Detail / Protection


Convertible Hood Clean / Protection


1.5/2 Day Service

From £299.99

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