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Maintenance Valet

There’s a range of additional services that fall under the umbrella of ‘enhancement’ that we can offer for your vehicle. Working as a one stop shop scenario we either complete the work ourselves or alongside trusted professionals. HiGrade endeavours to fulfil your cars every need and surpass your expectations as a customer. 

Maintenance Valet

Washing a car the right way is crucial to maintaining its condition. A single ‘quick wash’ with poor technique/methodology is all it takes to install defects that take away from its appearance. A HG Maintenance Valet takes 2.5 hours and is all that’s required to keep a recently detailed vehicle looking + feeling its best by means of a paint safe exterior wash paired with an interior refresh clean.

Physical touching of the paintwork is kept to a minimum and done with care to minimise marring the surface. Once clean, a sprayable layer of Si02 protection is applied to boost the performance of existing protection, or seal bare paintwork if no protection is present – keeping your car cleaner between visits.

Multi Stage Cleaning Process

  • Wheel faces/barrels + arches cleaned with various brushes, woolies + mitts.
  • Citrus prewash to front end + lower sills to soften bug splatter.
  • PH neutral snow foam and thorough rinse to remove surface dirt before contact washing.
  • Safe contact wash with 2 buckets, and 2 mitts for separate areas of the vehicle.
  • Plush towel dried followed by filtered air blow dry to flush out any water from panel gaps + dry wheels.
  • Brake disks/bare metal treated to prevent flash oxidation after getting wet.
  • Tyres dressed to preference.
  • Windows cleaned inside + out.
  • SiO2 infused spray sealant as a sacrificial layer of protection between visits.
  • Interior vacuumed and tidied.
  • All interior surfaces dusted + dressed.
  • Choice of air freshener.

1 Hour Service

£40 – Small Vehicle

£45 – Medium Vehicle

£50 – Large Vehicle

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