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There’s a range of additional services that fall under the umbrella of ‘enhancement’ that we can offer for your vehicle. Working as a one stop shop scenario we either complete the work ourselves or alongside trusted professionals. HiGrade endeavours to fulfil your cars every need and surpass your expectations as a customer. 

The Deep Cleanse

Following an in-depth safe wash, a multi stage decontamination process removes tar, brake dust, tree sap and other natural fallout not removed by normal wash procedures that have bonded to the paintwork, leaving it feeling rough to the touch. We can appreciate that not everyone is as bothered about perfect paintwork as we are, and some cars inevitably end up being taken to roadside ‘hand car washes’.

If this is the case, paint polishing/correction can be a waste of investment due to the damage these places can cause. However, a well protected surface stays cleaner for longer, and resists chemical staining vs an unprotected one. A deep cleanse and protection top up is crucial to maintaining the condition of your cars exterior by removing the harmful in-bed defects and shielding the exterior surfaces against the elements.

Decontamination Process

  • Complete wheel + arch clean with various brushes, woolies + mitts.
  • Citrus prewash to front end + lower sills to soften bug splatter.
  • PH neutral snowfoam and thorough rinse to remove surface grime before contact washing.
  • 2 bucket, 2 mitt safe wash process.
  • Door sills, shuts + petrol cap etc thoroughly cleaned.
  • Entire exterior treated to a 2 stage chemical decontamination bath.
  • Rewashed, rinsed and pat dried using deep pile soft towels, followed by warm air to push out standing water and dry between panels gaps, wheels etc.
  • An IPA wipe down removes any remaining wax/oils and prepares the surface for best protection adhesion.
  • A layer of our preferred high grade SiO2 sealant applied, providing 6-9 months durable protection. Ceramic protection is available and recommended for up to 5 years durability + swirl resistance.
  • Rubber trim / brightwork dressed and coated.
  • Glass cleaned and coated to repel rainwater.
  • Wheel sealant applied.
  • Tyre’s dressing applied to customer preference.

Decontamination is recommended twice a year to keep paintwork contaminant free and as smooth as glass. Even If your car has previously been protected/detailed, it will still require decontamination to prolong its protective qualities.

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