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Welcome to HiGrade Detailing, where passion meets perfectionism to form a car care service with a difference. On these pages you’ll find everything you need to know about our services which range from professional in-house detailing and visual enhancements to luxury mobile valeting/maintenance across Birmingham. 

Years worth of dedication and accredited experience enables us to provide a superior service for your vehicle, with the sole aim of protecting your investment. By enhancing and maintaining your car in the correct fashion, you’ll not only enjoy owning and driving your car, but benefit too as yours will command a higher sale price over other, unloved examples when it comes time to change.

Working With Us

Doing business with HiGrade is straight forward and transparent, from your initial contact the aim is to exceed your expectations. We’re not here to sell you treatments or products you don’t necessarily need – instead understanding what you would like to achieve and then recommending the best solution for you.


Paint Renovation

All our major vehicle detailing services are completed at our state of the art detailing studio.

Studio Services

Minor Paint Enhancement

An introduction into paint polishing and swirl removal.
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Major Paint Enhancement

2 stage machine polishing for a noticeable improvement.
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Paint Correction

But it’s new, it should already be perfect??
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HiGrade Detail

The full works, everything, the cats pyjamas.
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Our additional services can be completed at any mobile location your require or at our state of the art detailing studio.

Additional Services

Maintenance Valeting

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Decontamination / Protection Detail

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Interior enhancement Detail

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